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BERNINA Accessories and Feet

With over 100 presser feet and dozens of accessories available for your BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine, you will always have the
right tool for the job. BERNINA manufactures all of their presser feet and accessories with precision and quality.

The Presser Foot carries both Classic Style and Old Style feet for BERNINA machines, several feet and accessories for bernette machines, and
feet and accessories for BERNINA overlocker machines—no matter what model you have, we have feet that will fit! Most BERNINA feet are made
of solid metal—each one is hand polished and tested before being packaged and shipped, so you can be sure that you are getting only the best.
Some parts of BERNINA accessories are still hand-tooled and crafted with care, and each foot and accessory is field tested to see exactly what applications it can be used for.

Check out BERNINA's Big Book of Feet for a list of tried applications and techniques with each foot and accessory, including a list of stitches used,
the exact settings for length, width, etc. and even a list of materials used. Visit the BERNINA website for video tutorials on each foot as well as
expanded ideas for the featured Foot of the Month.

Special accessories for your BERNINA embroidery machine can turn it into a versatile tool for more than just embroidery techniques. The
DesignWorks Tools, including the CutWork Tool, PaintWork Tool and CrystalWorks Tool, take your creativity to the next level by allowing you to
cut a variety of materials, paint or draw on a range of surfaces, and create crystal templates for your own designs with your embroidery machine.

Sewing accessories for your BERNINA will do everything from enhance your projects and sewing experience to protect your machine. We carry a
huge variety of these accessories, including trolley suitcase systems, plexiglass extension tables, magnifying lens sets, multiple spool holders and much more.

Come in and visit us to see all the possibilities—we promise you won't be disappointed!