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What to Look For
Buying a new sewing, embroidery or overlock machine is an investment of both your time and your money.
Before you shop for your new machine, read our What to Look For list of suggestions on how
to find the perfect fit for you in terms of features, support and budget!

The Presser Foot is a full-service BERNINA dealer. We sell and service BERNINA sewing, embroidery
and overlock machines. We know your sewing, quilting and embroidery time is special to you, which is
why we believe in selling the highest quality products at competitive prices in our stores. Our staff are happy
to help you decide which machine is the right one for you!


BERNINA Q24                                                                                                     
The BERNINA Q24 longarm quilting machine
features an integrated color touch screen,
built-in stitch regulator, adjustable handles with programmable buttons, ports at the
back of the  machine, hand wheel and bobbin winder easily accessible at the front of the
machine on the side, a covered tension unit and more. The BERNINA longarm quilting machine
will be available in both a 24" and 20" model, as a sit-down or on a frame, and in both
programmable (automated) or non-programmable model. So many options for finishing those
quilts! We are expecting delivery late 2014 / early 2015 at our Longmont location.
More details coming soon!

BERNINA E16                                                                                                     
With 16 needles, a wide variety of hoop sizes (including cap drivers) available,
lightning fast stitching speed and special features, the BERNINA E16 is
a true
commercial embroidery machine. It's perfect for both home-based and
commercial businesses! See this machine at both of our locations today.
See more here.

BERNINA 8 Series                                                                                                     
The amazing 8 Series machines feature everything you've ever dreamed of.
Featuring the largest sewing and embroidery areas, with a full 12 inches to the right    
of the needle, dual feed, a jumbo bobbin, amazing sewing and embroidery stitch
editing capabilities, and much more, you have to see these machines to believe it!
See more here.

BERNINA 7 Series
The exciting BERNINA 7 series machines feature the B9 hook; it combines the best of rotary and CB hook technologies. This machine's extended free arm has 10 inches of space to the right of the needle and has a bobbin with 80% more thread capacity than the standard bobbins.  Dual feed, a large selection of stitches and optional
embroidery make these machines a wonderful addition to the BERNINA line.
See more here.

BERNINA 5 Series
The BERNINA 530, 550 QE, 560 and 580 boast cutting-edge features that can only come from Swiss engineering. They combine ingenious sewing applications and intuitive navigation to produce a machine that is elegant, simple and precise.
See more here.

BERNINA 3 Series
The BERNINA 3 Series is a line of easy-to-use sewing machines, designed for
every level of sewer who wants a machine with top design standards and
cutting-edge technology. Perfect for beginner and advanced sewers alike!
See more here.

BERNINA 2 Series
The B215 is perfect for starting your sewing adventure!  It's also great as a
second machine for sewers and quilters on the go at a price that can't be beat.
See more here.

BERNINA Overlock and Chain & Cover
Overlocking isn't just for garment sewers anymore—everyone can use one in their sewing
room! See what a BERNINA overlock or chain and cover machine can do for you.
See more here.

bernette sewing machines are excellent for the occasional sewer and/or embroiderer,
or as a machine for new sewers. With several machines and a wide variety of features
to choose from, there is a bernette that will fit your needs at a price that will fit your budget.
See more here.



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