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BERNINA Q24 Longarm Rental

Do you have a quilt that's too large to handle comfortably on your domestic machine? Are you considering purchasing a longarm quilting machine, but would like to try one before you buy your own? Come to our Longmont location and rent some time on our BERNINA Q24 in our upstairs classroom. This amazing machine features a completely illuminated 24" throat, a 12 foot frame, two built-in stitch regulators, fully adjustable programmable handles, built in color touch screen, digital top tension, a hand wheel and bobbin winder in the front, and easy threading from the front of the machine. You will find this machine friendly to operate and maintain, making quilting your tops a breeze no matter what size they are! This is the perfect way for you to experience all the details that make the BERNINA Q24 the best choice for your longarm quilting machine.

Our rental Q24 is currently equipped with the Pantograph Kit (rear screen, laser and handles), the Ruler Work Kit (ruler foot, ruler base and rulers) and the Twin Needle Stitch Plate (allows you to use a twin needle to achieve special effects). We will be adding the Hydraulic Lift Control, Channel Lock and Q-matic Automation as soon as they are available.

The Q24 is available for rent anytime we do not have another class scheduled in our upstairs classroom. Please check the Longmont Calendar page and call our Longmont store at 303-485-6681 for availability. Hourly rental rate is $15, in one-hour increments.

Class is required before rental. We'll show you the best ways to get the most our of your rental time and give you the best results with your projects! Check the
Longmont Calendar page and look for the BERNINA Q24 Basics class for dates and details.

See the Q24 Rental Agreement for terms.